Paving to ‘re-define public spaces’

AG, a manufacturer of ‘innovative concrete products’, says its new premium paving product, Plaza Lineal, answers industry demand for a flagstone that is ‘durable, versatile, and strong’, while possessing ‘an aesthetically pleasing, plank-like appearance’. A ‘premium’ water-etched, lightly textured, granite aggregate paving that is 120 mm deep, it comes in a range of rectangular dimensions and six colours that can be ‘mixed and matched’ to create a broad range of patterns that ‘blend seamlessly with any outdoor environment’.

The factory-developed paving is ‘durable and hard-wearing’, with a minimum surface layer of 5 mm made up of 90% natural granite and quartz aggregate – ‘a resilient combination’. This robust surface makes Plaza Lineal especially well-suited to spaces with heavy footfall and the associated abrasive effects.

As part of the production process, ‘state of the art ‘factory-controlled vapour curing significantly reduces efflorescence – naturally occurring chemical reaction that leads to unsightly blemishes – on the product’s surface. AG added: “Plaza Lineal has been designed in a way that optimises bending strength (>3.5 Mpa), thereby tackling another issue that can arise with other rectangular paving solutions. It has a slip resistance of USRV >75, and is 100% renewable. A BREEAM ‘A’ rating can be achieved when it is used in conjunction with a prepared recycling sub-base.”