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Innovation with silver ions continues

Since Challis (MS) first brought its antimicrobial showerheads to market in 2008, the shower system and water control specialist says it has provided ‘an affordable and effective way of reducing bacterial contamination in healthcare environments’.

It said: “The use of silver ion technology added to the ABS plastic during the manufacturing process offers numerous benefits, among the most notable being the fact that the antibacterial effectiveness is not compromised even if the showerhead is scratched or scuffed. It is also non-leaching, which means that the active silver ions remain inert until they come into contact with the bacteria, and only then release just enough silver to inhibit the bacterium’s ability to reproduce.”

Challis has been continuing to innovate and look at alternative ways of using the antimicrobial properties of silver, especially as it does not impact on antibiotic resistance, and provides an inert way of controlling pathogenic bacteria. As a result, the company’s latest trio of Sentinel products use a combination of patented silver-plated copper and pure copper wire mesh technology to offer ‘100% bioavailability when in contact with water’. The results on Pseudomonas recorded to date are as follows: 38.5% kill within 15 minutes, 77% kill within 30 minutes, and 99% kill with 120 minutes, offering ‘a quick, effective, and longer-term protection for patients and staff alike, and a cost-effective alternative to point-of-use filters’. For full product details and microbial efficacy reports, contact Challis.



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