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Adjustable washbasins designed for accessible bathrooms

In any accessible bathroom, space is key, and with its new height and sideways adjustable MATRIX washbasin, Pressalit says that ‘creating space quickly and hygienically has just got easier’.

The manufacturer and designer has introduced the Matrix washbasin bracket with a choice of integrated basin styles— the Matrix Medium, or Matrix Angle Deep, featuring what it says is ‘a new, simple-to-use’, discreet adjustment for both height and sideways movement.

Pressalit said: The ultimate in functionality and hygiene, the MATRIX washbasin makes the best use of space in the bathroom, while accommodating the changing needs of both users and caregivers. Supporting self-reliance, space optimisation, and a sense of security in the bathroom, the new adjustable washbasin has been designed for use in a wide variety of installations, from a private home to a hospital.  Whether for a seated or standing user, or when a carer is assisting, the new Matrix washbasin is said to offer ‘a flexible solution and safe working environment’.

The easy-to-move washbasin can be adjusted smoothly sideways to a range of 500 mm, to create greater access when using the shower or toilet for a wheelchair user and carer, by means of a discreet handle underneath the basin. Adjustment can be carried out safely with one hand, and, Pressalit says,  requires very little hand strength to operate.

The vertical rise and fall allows for a variation of 300 mm, with options available for either a manual handle or intuitive electric power button. The latter is recommended for a care or hospital setting where frequent adjustment is required, while the manual solution is suitable for bathrooms where there is only one user, or multiple users with the same needs.

The Matrix Medium and Matrix Deep Angle washbasins both feature integrated handles for additional user support.  All surfaces are ‘large, smooth, and easy to wipe’.


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