Trox launches new wall diffuser models

Trox has extended its portfolio of wall diffusers with the launch of two new models – CHM and CHS – designed to provide additional advantages in rooms with and without suspended ceilings.

The company said: “Increasingly, air distribution systems need to operate effectively in spaces without suspended ceilings. The air exchange then often takes place via the corridors, through the walls. With these demands in mind, the new models offer additional aesthetic and acoustic advantages in these applications.”

Trox says the CHM and CHS wall diffusers ‘can be integrated perfectly’ thanks to their discreet appearance. They can be used in a variety of ways – whether for supply air, extract air or a combination of supply and extract air. In addition, the integrated sound insulation of the wall elements effectively reduces sound transmission via the duct system or through the wall. In new buildings and renovations focusing on technical refurbishment, and therefore the installation of suspended ceilings in hallways, the wall diffusers ‘offer technical, as well as visually attractive, solutions’.

The CHM and CHS types have been designed to complement and complete Trox’s portfolio of wall diffusers. When used with the well-established Trox CFE and CFS slot diffusers for ceiling installation, the company says it is possible to ‘create variable packages meeting the specific requirements of almost any application’.

The ‘multi-functional’ CHM has an optional volume flow limiter accessible from the room side, and can meet the requirements of a wide range of applications due to its different diffuser faces and optional additional functions. Installed with the Trox Pureline slot diffuser, for example, a particularly clean air discharge can be achieved without dirt deposits on the wall.

The CHS wall diffuser has adjustable air control blades and an optional splitter for cross-talk sound attenuation for different wall thicknesses, to improve acoustic performance.

All of Trox’s wall diffusers are designed for quick and easy installation. Variable designs and colours enable them to complement the room’s interior décor.



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