‘First-of-its-kind’ UK ‘legal-tech recruitment’ platform launched

A ‘unique’ new legal-tech recruitment platform has launched in the UK ‘to help put an end to overseas worker scams in the social and healthcare sectors, and directly connect UK employers and recruiters with pre-qualified overseas global talent’.

Immpact  says it will help meet acute skills shortages across the sector, while ensuring full legal Home Office compliance. The company said: “The social and healthcare sector is particularly vulnerable to rogue operators scamming migrants out of thousands of pounds in ‘fees’ for fake jobs. Charity, Care UK, which has over 150 care homes, recently posted on its social media that it is aware of ‘unsolicited and fraudulent job offers being made, allegedly from our care homes’.”

With job scams – ‘from fake jobs to illegal fees for sponsor licences’ – ongoing, Immpact will ensure that only pre-qualified talent, employers, and recruitment firms, are placed on its platform ‘following stringent multi-layer checks’. It said: “This will ensure that all jobs and talent are qualified and genuine, along with thoroughly regulated employers and recruiters, to provide a global marketplace for talent.” 

Founder and MD, Jonathan Beech (pictured), said: “Through my existing business running Migrate UK, I’m acutely aware of the issues UK employers and recruiters are facing in trying to fulfil talent shortages across sectors such as care, healthcare, and life sciences. I also regularly hear terrible stories of genuine overseas job hunters being ripped off in their home countries or the UK by job scammers, often running to thousands of pounds. I knew there must be a better way to match pre-qualified overseas talent with genuine work opportunities and responsible UK employers – effectively a ‘talent’ match-making site designed to eradicate scammers to provide a global, trusted marketplace for talent.” 

Immpact says its launch follows ‘over two years of advanced legal-tech development’. Using the immigration law expertise of Jonathan Beech and his ‘team of specialists’, the platform will ‘help unite a previously disconnected global talent market with under-resourced UK employers, and transform global workplace migration’. Immpact has been developed through discussions with ‘hundreds of employers, industry bodies, and overseas talent’.

Following the latest government immigration rule changes, overseas recruitment costs continue to rise for a health and social care sector Immpact says is ‘struggling with talent shortages’. From 4 April 2024, the minimum annual salary for entering the new skilled visa worker route for the first time increased by 48%, from £26,200 to £38,700.

Immpact says it will ‘save employers and recruiters time and money’. Working with recruitment experts to analyse existing overseas recruitment workflows, it has calculated that it will save 50% of the time involved in managing overseas recruitment, helping reduce the time-consuming filtering of applications traditionally needed. 

Jonathan Beech continued: “Following thousands of hours’ development, and utilising the latest advanced technology which can adapt to evolving Home Office requirements and procedures, we’re proud to launch Immpact. Our unique new platform takes care of the entire process – from pre-qualifying processes, and searching and shortlisting, to arranging interviews, successful appointments, onboarding, providing regular content and guidance, and access to regulated immigration legal professionals.”

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