BBA and LABC’s rallying call for ‘100% Hackitt’

100% Hackitt – an industry initiative to encourage the government to deliver all of the recommendations contained within Dame Judith's report – was launched in Westminster on 22 October by Local Authority Building Control (LABC) and the British Board of Agrément (BBA).

The two influential organisations say they have united to bring focus to industry calls for a full adoption of Dame Judith’s Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety; together they are launching a new website,, producing ‘pledge cards’ for supporters to sign up to the initiative, and pushing for an Early Day Motion debate in the House of Commons. 

Their message is ‘clear and unequivocal’ – the Hackitt Review recommendations must be implemented in full.

Dame Judith attended the launch on 22 October, delivering a keynote speech to a large number of cross-party politicians, policy advisors, and industry body representatives, telling them there was ‘massive need’ for culture change throughout the industry, with responsibilities clearly defined at every stage of a building’s lifecycle. “Much remains to be done to bring the construction industry up to the standards of other industries in terms of accountability, transparency, and record keeping,” she said. “Don’t tinker, don’t tweak, it has to be fundamental.”

 Claire Curtis-Thomas, BBA Chief Executive, described the ‘100% Hackitt’ initiative as ‘the best thing for the British construction industry in a generation’, adding: “The BBA is backing this initiative as strongly as we possibly can, because we want to see bad practices in the industry eliminated and protection for the public and companies that are fully committed to high standards of delivery.”

Her comments were echoed by Paul Everall, LABC CEO, who said: “The LABC and the BBA share the same outlook, and are determined to make a difference in our industry. But we're not waiting, we're getting on with building a safer future together – right now. The ‘100% Hackitt’ initiative is a space for everyone who wants to see systemic change in the construction industry, and I hope the whole industry gets behind it.”

The launch event was facilitated by cross-party think tank, Policy Connect through its parliamentary forum for the built environment, the Westminster Sustainable Business Forum. The initiative has the support of senior figures across the construction and fire safety sector including, the Fire Sector Federation, whose executive officer, Dennis Davis said: “We are backing the 100% Hackitt initiative because we need a mandatory, controlled system that allows us to balance what we want – innovation, good buildings, new ideas, growth in our economy – with sensible restraint that ensures short cuts and economies aren’t made, and shows that people are competent, resulting in safe building for those who occupy them.”