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Kingsway Group are specialists in the design and manufacture of innovative anti-ligature products for mental health environments.

Our exclusive focus on anti-ligature products ensures that the products are able to perform in the most challenging situations. Our products have been proven to perform in a variety of mental health environments around the globe after being designed and crafted by professionals, view our latest work here.

The main area of expertise is in complete doorsets – Kingsway Group are unique in being able to offer fully certified pre-hung doorsets, see the video here.  The doorset range has the Switch and Swing anti-barricade doorsets, Solo single action doorsets, Shower and Stow en-suite anti-ligature doorsets and the Stable doorset.

Technology can deliver real benefits to secure care environments and Kingsway Group are at the forefront of these developments with our Smart patient management system which utilizes proven components to deliver a system that provide staff and patients with a safer environment.  The discreet anti-ligature door top monitor is one of these Smart components that can also be integrated into an existing staff attack alarm system.

Kingsway Group also offer the latest in non-institutional anti-ligature products with our Signature range.  The Signature range was developed in conjunction with leading UK mental health architects and provides a new level of design to assist with the healing environment.

Our solutions include a range of fit for purpose anti-ligature and anti-barricade products which have been manufactured to the highest standards and have been proven to perform in the toughest and most challenging environments, including secure hospitals and prisons. The scope of our range covers handles, locksets, washroom fittings, privacy vision panels and general ancillary products.

Our project delivery philosophy of 'Define, Design and Deliver' means that the key project stakeholders are engaged and consulted through the process based on our vast experience of completed projects and current best practice.  As thought leaders in behavioural healthcare environments we strive to push our best to something better.

Specified globally, our products have been installed in a wide range of locations and have been chosen for their attention to design detail where form and function combine to provide non-institutional solutions to challenging care environments.



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