Stylish’ charger with inbuilt diagnostics launched

Pinpoint, one of the UK’s leading designers and manufacturers of personal alarm systems, has launched a new charger station with what it dubs ‘designer styling’ for its Personal Infrared Transmitters (PIT). Called the ‘Energizer Station CT’ for Perpetual PITs, the unit is the second-generation model of Pinpoint’s Energizer series. It is designed specifically to ‘energise’ or recharge the supercapacitor in a Perpetual PIT.

Up to two PITs can be connected to the Energizer at the same time. A full recharge can be achieved in less than 20 seconds, during which time the Energizer will also run a diagnostic scan of the PIT.  Once the PITs are connected, simply touching the large orange touch pad on the Energizer starts the charging and diagnostic process.

Using the familiar traffic light system, the LEDs illuminate and change from solid yellow to flashing yellow to indicate that the process is underway. Green LEDs signal a successful recharge and a fully operational PIT. If the LEDs stay illuminated in yellow or turn red the Energizer has detected a problem, and the PIT should be disconnected and submitted for repair. The Energizer Station CT is also coated in antimicrobial paint, and ‘safe to operate in hygienically sensitive environments’.