Don’t forget ward entry doors

A medium secure facility in Wickford operated by Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust which had been seen its ward entrance doors damaged by repeated attacks has worked with Safehinge Primera to address the problem. Following the attacks at Brockfield House, the Trust regularly faced ironmongery fixing point damage, with locks and closers breaking out of the door and timber frame. Staff were replacing broken doors and frames every six months, and even changing the doors to single-swing with overhead connecting arm closers did not prevent regular damage.

To address the problem, the Trust worked with Safehinge Primera to install a robust metal door frame, pivot hinge system, and concealed door closer, with the addition of a carefully selected electronic locking system. Staff are now reassured by reliable locking and are able to control access to the ward. The same doors continue to withstand repeated attacks over three years on, with ‘no known issue’.
Safehinge Primera added: “In mental health environments, it’s important to get secure ward entry doors right. Often a lesser priority than patient bedroom or bathroom doors, ward entry doors don’t always get the consideration they require.” 

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